Introducing A 'Lighter Way to Recover' with All-New Protein Waffles

We are excited to introduce our new Protein Waffles: a light, portable, fruit-filled recovery product made with simple, real-food ingredients. Honey Stinger's new Protein Waffle A unique alternative to traditional protein bars, the Protein Waffles provide an all-new recovery format that delivers 10 grams of protein to help athletes replenish and repair their muscles immediately after a workout. Full of fruit flavor, light in calories, and easier to digest than many traditional post-workout recovery options, Protein Waffles provide maximum portability, and are easy to carry and consume on-the-go. "Understanding just how important protein is for optimal recovery and performance, we wanted to bring a new approach to recovery fueling and create a product that is both convenient and appealing for athletes to consume immediately after training, so they can get the most from each workout and be ready to take on the next goal that lies ahead," said Mike Keown, CEO of Honey Stinger. The Protein Waffles are available in two delicious flavors: Wild Berry and Apple Cinnamon. Each contain a mixture of pea protein and whey protein isolate, combined with real fruit, organic honey and other natural and organic ingredients. Each pack contains just 150 calories and 10 grams of sugar, with no artificial sugars or sugar alcohols. The new Protein Waffles retail for $1.99/single pack, and can be purchased through select retail partners.