Honey Stinger Expands Hive Elite Program for 2021

Honey Stinger is pleased to announce its 2021 Hive Elite Program roster.

Twenty-seven new standout recruits join a group of 24 top returners from the 2020 squad, forming a team of athletes more than 50-strong to represent the brand this year in their training, competitions, community outreach and other athletic pursuits.

Honey Stinger's Elite Hive program grows to more than 50 athletes

The roster features a diverse group of athletes competing across a broad range of disciplines, from ultrarunning to rugby to skeleton. Individually selected based on several criteria, representatives are top performers in their respective sports, are active leaders among their athletic communities, and possess key characteristics and values that align with those of the Honey Stinger brand.

Mario Mendoza (trail and ultrarunning), Nell Rojas (running and obstacle course racing), Jared Ward (elite marathoner and 2016 Olympian), Mandy Marquardt (national champion and Olympic track sprint cyclist) and Katie Nageotte (national champion pole vaulter) are a sample of returning veterans who will continue to motivate The Hive in 2021. Newcomers Sammy Schultz (national champion modern pentathlete and 2021 Olympics qualifier), Robert Paylor (walking quadriplegic and motivational speaker) and Brian Llamas (elite middle-distance track runner) lead a collection of newcomers whose stories will inspire.

“We are honored to align with such an outstanding group of people through our Hive Elite Program, and feel fortunate to have so many high-performing athletes willing to promote our brand and encourage others to join the community,” said Luke Cherry, Honey Stinger’s Athlete Engagement Director. “No matter the sport or competition level, the Hive offers an inclusive community platform for athletes to connect on many levels. The Hive Elite Program will continue to evolve, and will play a pivotal role in communicating to other athletes that Honey Stinger’s products and people have their back through their daily pursuit of elite performance.”
Antwun Baker returns for a 2nd year to represent Honey Stinger

Formerly distinguished as ‘Hive Gold,’ Hive Elite Program members are the community leaders, storytellers, and performance experts within the brand’s ‘Hive’ athlete ecosystem. While it has previously featured a variety of different sponsorship levels, the Hive program has been restructured for 2021 to include the Hive Elite Program -- reserved for hand-selected, highly accomplished athlete partners who prove the efficacy of Honey Stinger’s products, and the Hive Ambassador Program – a robust community of competitive athlete ambassadors of all ranks and backgrounds who are loud and proud advocates of the brand. In total, there are more than 160,000 athletes within the broader Hive community.

The complete 2021 Hive Elite Program roster is as follows (* indicates returning athletes, **Indicates team captain):

🐝 Adam Loomis, Nordic Combined* 🐝 Kara LaPoint, Off-Road Triathlon*
🐝 Alex Pond, Ski Mountaineering 🐝 Kara Winger, Javelin*
🐝 Andrea Pomaranski, Road Running 🐝 Katie Nageotte, Pole Vault*
🐝 Andrew Vos, Road Running 🐝 Kim Hess, Mountaineer*
🐝 Andy Wacker, Mountain Running* 🐝 Laura Crabtree, Obstacle Course Racing
🐝 Anna Mae Flynn, Mountain Running* 🐝 Leslie Stratton, Skeleton
🐝 Antwun Baker, Strength & Conditioning 🐝 Lindsay Goldman, Cycling*
🐝 Ash Kempton, Strength & Conditioning** 🐝 Mandy Marquardt, Track Cycling*

Ashley Brasovan is a trail runner for the Hive Elite team

🐝 Ashley Brasovan, Mountain Running 🐝 Mario Mendoza, Road Running*
🐝 Brandon Mikesell, Extreme Sports 🐝 Mohamed Hrezi, Road Running*
🐝 Brendan Daly, Rugby 🐝 Neely Gracey, Road Running*
🐝 Brian Reynolds, Road Running* 🐝 Nell Rojas, Road Running*
🐝 Brian Llamas, Track & Field – Middle Distance 🐝 Nic Moschetti, Skeet Shooting*
🐝 Carly Waters, Rugby 🐝 Nicole Mericle, Obstacle Course Racing*
🐝 Charlie MacArthur, Ski Mountaineering 🐝 Robert Paylor, Walking Quadriplegic & Motivational Speaker
 🐝 Clare Gallagher, Mountain Running* 🐝 Sage Donnelly, Canoe*
Brian Llamas and Nell Rojas are two of the elite athletes on the 2021 roster

🐝 Clare Egan, Biathlon 🐝 Sam Lewis, Mountain Running
🐝 Colt Scott, Obstacle Course Racing 🐝 Sammy Schultz, Modern Pentathlon
🐝 Cooper Ott, Enduro Mountain Biking* 🐝 Sarah Pizzo, Mountain Running
 🐝 Courtney Dauwalter, Ultrarunning* 🐝 Tiffany Hensley, Rock Climbing
🐝 Daniel Matheny, Enduro Mountain Biking 🐝 Tim Cahhal, Mountain Biking
🐝 Darcy Piceu, Ultrarunning 🐝 Tony Spears, Endurance Athlete
🐝 Erin Golston, Wrestling 🐝 Tripp Hurt, Track & Field – Middle Distance
🐝 Jared Ward, Road Running* 🐝 Tyler Sigl, Ultrarunning*
🐝 Jenna Burkert, Wrestling* 🐝 Wendy Ong, Rock Climbing
🐝 Kaci Lickteig, Ultrarunning*

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