Same Tasty Fuel, Fresh New Look

For the first time in 17 years, Honey Stinger is sporting a brand new look. We have begun releasing an updated brand identity, including a new logo, colors and font, new brand statement and tagline, and all-new packaging across our full product lineup. The comprehensive brand refresh comes at a time of significant growth and expansion for us, rolling out on the heels of numerous other key developments for the brand -- including a partnership with investment company Factory, LLC last fall, several major event sponsorships including the TCS New York City Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon, new collegiate partnerships, new product development, expanded market reach and more. ‚ÄúThis is an incredibly exciting time for all of us at Honey Stinger, and this update is representative of that,‚Äù said Bill Gamber, Honey Stinger‚Äôs founder and co-owner. ‚ÄúWe‚Äôre very proud of the many ways our brand has evolved since its inception in 2001, and we believe our new look better reflects who we are today, while still continuing to speak to where we‚Äôve been and the values our brand was built on. Amidst all the growth we have experienced, our core mission remains unchanged: to provide convenient, reliable nutrition for athletes, made with organic honey and delicious ingredients.‚Äù With our revamped look, we have taken on a cleaner, more simplistic and more modern identity, while staying true to those aspects our brand has defined itself by for nearly two decades. Our new logo, which debuted earlier this spring, replaces renowned brand mascot ‚ÄúBuzz‚Äù the honeybee with a unique honeycomb design -- a modernized nod to the our celebrated honey heritage and the natural energy source at the heart of each of our products. The design is complemented by a sleeker, yet still-bold new signature brand font. We have also adopted a new tagline, ‚ÄúSweeten the Burn™,‚Äù which targets our core audience of athletes and acknowledges the benefits that proper fuel can provide as they work to push their limits, reach new heights and achieve their performance goals. Lastly, we have begun rolling out all-new product packaging that combines its new logo and tagline with a custom color palette derived from the natural flavors of its products, creating a new signature style that will be uniform across its entire product line. The packaging will feature a color-coordinated mountain design, representative of the brand‚Äôs lifelong mountain roots and deeply embedded mountain culture. A new brand statement, ‚ÄúFuel Made Simple™,‚Äù will also be prominently featured across the new packaging, highlighting our use of organic, responsibly sourced ingredients, driven by nature. New packaging for our Organic Waffles and Gluten Free Organic Waffles will begin hitting store shelves over the next few weeks, followed by our Organic Cracker Bars™. Packaging updates for our additional products -- including Organic Energy Chews, Organic and Classic Energy Gels, Energy Bars, Protein Bars and True Source Certified Organic Wildflower Honey ‚Äì will be released throughout the remainder of the year.