Saving Lives & Staying Fit

After spending his childhood years mostly outdoors in his small, mountain Colorado town, Hive athlete Josh knew he wanted to find a career servicing others while out in nature. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, he began Wildland Fire work and quickly realized that this work was something that would fulfill his passion of helping others and getting outside, all while staying in tip top physical shape. Now, several years later, Josh has transitioned into a Fireline Paramedic role.
In the times of COVID, tell us about your typical workday on the frontline as a Fireline Medic?
In order to prevent the spread of COVID, I now camp alone in the forest while on two to three week single resource assignments. It’s just me, my AdvayLife Support Pack with AED, oxygen, and some other necessary equipment. I mostly hike solo with my assigned division or tag along with the Hotshot Crews as they perform high risk assignments.
Two to three week assignments?! How do you and your crew mates physically and mentally prepare for this?
My teammates and I are very active, obviously on shift but also year round in our free time. We try to eat very well, hike, bike, and strength train. In order to keep my mental health in check, I also have a meditation practice and regularly attend therapy.
How could the community help first responders in these times?
COVID is here and it sucks. First responders, EMS in particular, have industry wide low wages for the work and time put into the job. The best way to help all first responders is to show them support, especially in times of a divided country.