The Mile Hive Challenge – July 23-25

Calling All Athletes for our 2021 Virtual Event!

Mile Hive 2021 | Honey Stinger
The Honey Stinger Hive is a diverse group of motivated individuals that encourage others to pursue goals and wholeheartedly appreciate the fun and adventure of sports. We are dedicated to delivering great-tasting, functional products alongside credible resources from performance experts and high-level athletes to inspire and guide The Hive on their individual or collective mission.

This virtual event will provide a platform for Hive members to motivate each other to set and achieve a mileage goal over the weekend of July 23-25. Mile challenges can be accomplished by walking, running, hiking, swimming or biking. You can choose your preferred method and share pictures with fellow Hive members and @HoneyStinger through social media over the race weekend.

To help you achieve your goal, Honey Stinger will provide all participants support through a 3-part series curated by United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA) certified instructors on the proper ways to Prepare, Perform, and Recover for this challenge. All race participants will receive a mystery product sample, a limited-edition Honey Stinger branded performance hat, and a Mile Hive Challenge medal.

We know that the Hive Community has an appetite for optimal nutrition and a contagious enthusiasm to improve themselves and overcome obstacles. Product usage suggestions for optimal performance, motivational tips, and product discounts will be emailed directly to participants one month leading up to the challenge weekend.

This virtual event will benefit Black Men Run and Black Girls Run!

Black Girls Run

Through the power of running, community and empowerment, we bring awareness to the health disparities in the Black community. We dispel the myths that black women are unhealthy and not physically active. Black girls run brings women together all over the country to increase representation on the pavement. We are moving and motivating women to change the narrative of what running and health looks like for black women. We provide inspiration and serve as a resource for women to become the best version of themselves. Black girls run wants to create healthier communities to change the health statistics for black women and make us healthier for generations to come.

Black Men Run

Black Men Run encourages health and wellness among African American men by promoting a culture of running/jogging to stay fit resulting in “A Healthy Brotherhood.” Black Men Run supports a wide range of abilities and is open to everyone. From first timers to advanced runners, we strive to promote increased fitness and change the alarming health trends Black men face.

Learn more about Black Men Run.