Pro Purchase Program

Getting out on the trail, the playing field, and to the gym is what life's all about. We're stoked you like to be active as much as we do. Our Pro Purchase Program is designed to get industry professionals, partners, and employees out using the best fuel.

Membership is by application, is not guaranteed, and can be revoked. In return for this purchasing privilege, we hope you are inspired to push harder and go farther, spread the good word of Honey Stinger, and refer colleagues and other athletes to the Honey Stinger brand.

If you’re stoked on your fuel, we hope you'll take the time to tag us on Facebook and Instagram as you share your adventures. So go on, fill out the form, and then get moving!

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*Must be 16 years or older and a U.S. resident to apply.

Only natural ingredients.

We think the less you mess with Mother Nature, the better. That’s why Honey Stinger uses organic ingredients whenever possible. We try to formulate, source and process our products using Non-GMO ingredients. We’re also committed to establishing trust with our consumers on the origins and authenticity of our honey products through the True Source Honey Pledge.

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