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The Hive

What is The Hive?

The Honey Stinger Hive is a diverse group of motivated individuals that encourages others to pursue goals and wholeheartedly appreciate the fun and adventure of sports.


The Hive Community has an appetite for optimal nutrition and a contagious enthusiasm to improve and overcome obstacles. The Hive recognizes challenges exist beyond the sport and actively champions positive change in cities, towns, and local communities.


Honey Stinger provides fuel for the journey and daily grind. We are dedicated to delivering great-tasting, functional products alongside credible resources from performance experts and high-level athletes to inspire and guide The Hive on individual or collective missions. AND of course, we love to tell stories that connect athletes from different sports, abilities, races, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations. The pursuit of athletic achievement bonds us all.

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The Hive Athletes

Driven by passion.

Honey Stinger Hive athletes have an appetite for adventure and optimal nutrition. They are incredible athletes and amazing people. Our athletes trust us to fuel their goals and we count on them to foster community and provide valuable feedback. These are just a few of our athletes and their stories.

Adam Loomis

Trail Running

Alex Pond

Ski Mountaineering

Andy Wacker

Trail Running

Anna Mae Flynn

Trail and Ultra Running

Andrea Pomaranski

Road Running

Andrew Vos

Road Running

Antwun Baker

Strength and Conditioning

Ash Kempton

Hive Captain / Strength & Conditioning

Ashley Brasovan

Mountain Running

Brandon Mikesell

Extreme Sports

Brendan Daly


Brian Reynolds

Road Running

Brian Llamas

Distance Track & Field

Carly Waters


Charlie MacArthur

Ski Mountaineering

Clare Egan


Clare Gallagher

Trail and Ultra Running

Colt Scott

Obstacle Course Racer

Cooper Ott

Enduro Mountain Bike Racing

Courtney Dauwalter

Trail and Ultra Running

Daniel Matheny

Enduro Mountain Biking

Darcy Piceu


Erin Golston


James Wiseman

Professional Basketball Player

Jared Ward

Olympic Marathoner

Jenna Burkert


Kaci Lickteig

Ultra, Trail, and Road Running

Kara LaPoint


Kara Winger


Katie Nageotte

Pole Vaulting

Kim Hess


Laura Crabtree

Obstacle Course Racing

Leslie Stratton

Skeleton & Softball

Lindsay Goldman


Mario Mendoza

Trail and Ultra Running

Mandy Marquardt


Nell Rojas

Running / Obstacle Course Racing

Mohamed Hrezi

Road Running

Neely Gracey

Road Running

Nic Moschetti

Skeet Shooting

Nicole Mericle

Obstacle Course Racer

Robert Paylor

Walking Quadriplegic & Motivational Speaker

Sage Donnelly


Sam Lewis

Mountain Running

Sammy Schultz

Modern Pentathlon

Sarah Pizzo

Mountain Running

Tiffany Hensley

Rock Climbing

Tim Cahhal

Mountain Biking

Tony Spears

Endurance Athlete

Tripp Hurt

Mid-Distance Track & Field

Tyler Sigl


Wendy Ong

Rock Climbing