Winter Sample Pack
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Winter Sample Pack

The Winter Sample pack include two Short Stack Waffles, two Vanilla Waffles and a limited edition sticker. Our waffles contain a thin layer of honey-powered filling infused with natural flavor sandwiched between two thin waffles. Enjoy your sample pack as a mid-morning snack, during your favorite activity, or as a delicious partner to your cup of coffee or tea. Contains 4 total Honey Stinger Waffles.
True Source Honey Certified USDA Organic
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The Short Stack™ Waffle

Your portable version of a warm plate of homemade pancakes smothered in maple syrup and packed into a delicious, nutritious waffle you can fit in your favorite ski jacket and eat on the go. So now you can get that weekend morning flavor AND nail your long weekend workout.

When to Consume

Honey Stinger Waffles are the perfect snack to help you prepare and perform for all activities. The energy in waffles is released immediately and absorbed at a steady rate, which delays muscle fatigue and gives your body the power to achieve your goals. With the right balance of delicious honey-powered carbs, you’ll be counting the minutes until it’s time for the next one.


Prepare. Perform. Recover.

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Nature’s Energy Source

Utilizing an ingredient engineered by nature as opposed to in a laboratory has its benefits, like higher quality and no additional flavoring or coloring. We use honey, a natural form of energy and antioxidants, combined with other natural sweeteners as the energy sources for all products. Research in endurance athletes has proven that a mixture of carbohydrates is better tolerated by the body, prevents fatigue and enhances performance more than a single carbohydrate form.

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