Hive Ambassador Application

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By joining the Hive as an Ambassador you will have the opportunity to represent the brand, earn Honey Stinger product, swag, and activity bonuses.

Expectations for a Honey Stinger Ambassador:

  • Required to be active participant in ambassador portal, which will host various optional social media campaigns/activities each month throughout the year
  • Maintain a public Instagram account to participate in social media campaign (Facebook, TikTok, and others optional)
  • Option to join the private Hive Facebook Group and in-app Strava Group 

The first step to be considered for acceptance into the program is to fill out and submit the form below. If selected you will receive an acceptance email with follow up steps to get started with activities on the ambassador portal.

What is The Hive?

The Honey Stinger Hive is a diverse group of motivated individuals that encourage others to pursue goals and wholeheartedly appreciate the fun and adventure of sports.

The Hive Community has an appetite for optimal nutrition and a contagious enthusiasm to improve themselves and overcome obstacles. The Hive recognizes challenges exist beyond their sport and are active champions of positive change in their cities, towns, and local communities.

Honey Stinger provides natural fuel for this journey and daily grind. We are dedicated to delivering great-tasting, functional products alongside credible resources from performance experts and high-level athletes to inspire and guide The Hive on their individual or collective mission. AND of course, we love to tell stories that connect athletes from different races, ethnicities, religions, sports, genders or sexual preferences. The pursuit of athletic achievement bonds us all.

Terms and Conditions

You are granting Honey Stinger the rights to us your name, image, and likeness to promote Honey Stinger.

You are responsible for obtaining all rights for any photos or content used by you or provided by you to Honey Stinger as part of your participation in the Honey Stinger Ambassador Program.

You will comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies.

You agree to utilize the Honey Stinger Ambassador Portal to upload content for participating in brand related activities.

By agreeing to the above, you indicate these terms have been reviewed and accepted.

About the Ambassador Portal

The Honey Stinger Activity Portal is an online system that will allow ambassadors to share content directly with the brand and participate in fun activities that provide extra rewards. After being accepted as a Hive Ambassador you will receive a welcome letter with directions to register