We know what it takes to perform at your peak, and to get there you need targeted support throughout your training.

That’s why we formulate every product to give your body the nutrients it needs most during each stage of activity:

Sustained energy is released immediately and absorbed at a steady rate, which primes your muscles with fuel before a workout.


Carbs to kickstart your activity. Choose from Waffles, Mini Waffles, and Hydration.

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Cookies & Cream Waffle Box of 12


Vanilla Waffle Box of 16


Honey Waffle Box of 16


Strawberry Lemonade Rapid Hydration Mix Pack of 24


Salted Caramel Gluten-Free Waffle Box of 16


Mini Waffle Bundle

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Balanced nutrition provides quick and continued energy that’s easy-to-consume so you can enjoy the taste and keep moving.


Sustain your energy while working hard with Chews, Gels, and Hydration, all formatted for easy mid-move consumption. For a quick mid-workout break, reach for Waffles or Mini Waffles.

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Waffle Sampler Pack of 6


Energy Chew Variety Pack of 12


Performance Chew Variety Pack of 12


Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 8


Classic Waffle Variety Pack of 15


Cookies & Cream Waffle Box of 12


Protein helps to repair muscles and carbohydrates to replenish energy reserves, allowing your body to recover right for all that’s ahead.


Recharge your muscle recovery post-workout with protein-packed Nut + Seed Bars™, Cracker Bars, or Protein Bars.

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Peanut Sunflower Nut + Seed Bar Box of 12


Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bar Box of 12


Nut + Seed Bar Sampler Pack of 4


Peanut Butta Protein Bar Box of 15


Coconut Almond Protein Bar Box of 15


Original Oat + Honey Bar Box of 12


When to Consume

Best when consumed before or during activity.

Formatted for easy energy consumption on-the-move.

Protein-packed for muscle recovery post-workout.

Specific formulas tailored for each stage of activity.