5 Yoga Poses For Athletes To Help Balance The Mind and Body

We all wish we could achieve the balance of Ashley Brasovan. Her approach to being a professional trail runner, Olympic trials veteran, and yoga instructor reminds us that a diverse training plan is more fun and way healthier for mind and body. And the results speak for themselves! We got Ashley to share an at-home yoga sequence for any athlete that is well worth your time. As someone who wishes I stretched more but often find myself not knowing how, this sequence really helps! Ashley says, “Yoga is one of my favorite at-home workouts that can be done with a yoga mat and some extra space in your living room. There are several yoga studios that offer free on demand yoga classes that you can stream right to your house making this exercise really simple to do anywhere!”  She also underscores the importance of staying fueled, even for active recovery workouts like yoga. “I typically snack on the gluten free salted caramel waffles before and after these yoga sessions to fuel them! They help to keep me fueled and fully able to focus on the muscles I am working throughout my body.”
5 Pose Yoga Sequence with Ashley Brasovan

Child’s Pose: great for relaxing and clearing your mind Downward Dog: great hamstring and calf stretch (especially great after sitting/working from home all day) Half Pigeon: helps to stretch glutes and loosen up hips Tree Pose: works stabilization, core, and balancing muscles (great for all athletes!) Upward Dog: allows you to stretch back/spine and work on extension

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