Announcing Dr. Candace Brown as Special Advisor to the Honey Stinger Board of Directors

Dear Hive,
I am pleased to announce that Dr. Candace Brown, current Hive Member and Co-Chair of the Athlete Advisory Committee, has officially taken on the additional role of Special Advisor to the Honey Stinger Board of Directors!
Candace and I met in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. She reached out expressing concern with Honey Stinger’s delayed response on our social media channels, and she sought clarity on the company’s position. Candace quickly understood the company’s plans and took a chance that we were serious about them. She agreed to Co-Chair a new group called the Athlete Advisory Committee (AAC). The AAC would serve to advise Honey Stinger with the voices and perspectives of diverse yet like-minded athletes. Candace has generously committed her time and talent, and she has been instrumental in the company’s improvement in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her insight into society, intolerance, and implicit and explicit bias along with her unique blend of vision, passion, pragmatism, and strategic thinking have helped make the AAC a foundation of Honey Stinger’s work, vision, and mission.  
The impact Candace has made at Honey Stinger started with just one phone call. I will never forget how she asked question after question about who our company was and what we were going to do. She inspired action by encouraging us not to just talk about it, but instead be about it. Now, as we dramatically strengthen our efforts, Honey Stinger has an internal team that works with the AAC to develop a broad array of initiatives moving forward.
The Board of Directors fully supports this work with the necessary resources and financial support. Candace has graciously accepted the role of Special Advisor to the Board while she continues in her role as Co-Chair of the AAC. We are committed to ensuring Candace’s voice is heard and culminates in positive, big-picture change.
Honey Stinger’s work toward social justice is happening across many fronts and with a clear focus on supporting a much wider range of athletes from different and under-represented racial backgrounds as well as those who are subject to sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. We are examining our own corporate culture to identify ways to be more inclusive. While our progress is notable, our shared vision for the future is much greater!
CEO Honey Stinger

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