Build Your Glute Strength with This Easy At Home Exercise

Three-time Olympian Kara Winger knows the importance of putting in the work to prepare your whole body for motion. No matter your favorite sport, your glutes are the unsung heroes of your body’s strength, speed, and stability. This glute stability workout uses a familiar tool--the kitchen towel!--to target the glutes and get them stronger for whatever you throw their way. Kara says, “Use any linoleum, tile, or wood floor and a kitchen towel. Don’t put the towel back in the drawer afterwards! You can add more reps, and/or superset the exercise: Pick your favorite upper body exercise to pair with this.”
The Kitchen Towel Challenge
  • Begin by sitting back into your glute in your base leg while you slide your front leg forward.¬† It's okay for the base leg's knee to go forward. Visualize it going straight over that foot's second toe if it does.
  • Keep most of your weight in your base leg as you swoop the towel foot around your body.¬† Focus on keeping the knee in line with your second toe, and getting stability from your base leg‚Äôs glute as you move! Firing up your core will help with stability.
  • Your towel foot will swoop from 12-7 on a clock, while keeping contact with the ground.¬† If this is too much, you can start with a smaller range of motion, and swoop form 1-5 on a clock instead.
Complete 2 sets of 7 on each leg. Kara shows us an example of this exercise below. Follow Kara on Instagram to see how she's staying active during stay at hoe orders. and enjoy more home workouts form the Olympian.