Introducing the Honey Stinger College Hive!


The Official Launch of our First-of-Its-Kind NIL Program

Honey Stinger is pleased to announce the official launch of the College Hive, its Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) program for collegiate athletes. The program is an extension of Honey Stinger’s current athlete ambassador community, The Hive. So far, over 100 diverse college athletes have already signed up and are earning rewards through the Hive Portal.

“Honey Stinger is used by over 250 NCAA programs and is trusted by strength coaches and dietitians from all Power 5 Conference schools,” said Rich Thompson, interim CEO of Honey Stinger. “We are humbled by all the athletes that count on Honey Stinger products to prepare, perform and recover and are excited about this new opportunity for college students. We want to focus on reaching all athletes, whether that is field hockey players, swimmers, golfers, basketball players, or football players; we think this new program will be able to showcase diverse and broad talent across the country.”

In collaboration with Malka Sports, three student-athletes have been selected as College Hive Captains, leading an effort to drive awareness through social influence. All college ambassadors will help promote Honey Stinger on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter while encouraging more athletes to sign up and benefit from the program.

The College Hive Captains are Notre Dame Basketball player Dara Mabrey, Rutgers Basketball player Geo Baker, and Florida Gymnastics’ Trinity Thomas

“Malka Sports fundamentally aligns with Honey Stinger’s approach and is excited to help connect and nurture authentic athlete relationships with high character individuals,” said Pat Capra, President & CEO of Malka Sports. “College athletes all come from someplace where they mean a great deal to the local or regional community. We look forward to building upon this inclusive strategy.”

Honey Stinger will actively recruit for the program throughout 2022 and encourage all athletes to apply. In addition to performance-based product and apparel rewards, there is an opportunity to earn cash payments easily distributed through a PayPal and Venmo integration with the Hive Portal. The portal will also provide access to performance tips from industry professionals and opportunities to interact with professional athletes from the Hive.

Learn more about the new College Hive program here: