Cookies & Cream: Flavor Meets Function

Cookies & Cream Youth Soccer

There’s only one way to lay to rest the timeless debate of chocolate versus vanilla (or the battle of the best), and that’s to combine them. Our newest waffle, Cookies & Cream, is the flavor that brings the world together. It’s yin and yang, and it’s all about harmony.

We didn’t make this waffle and send it out into the world untested. Of course, we have Quality Assurance. But we took Cookies & Cream waffles to the people. We asked young athletes in Steamboat Springs, CO to confirm the flavor is certifiably savory. We’re content with their stamp of approval. Let’s dig in.

Tristan Thrasher, who is 13 and competing at the U.S. Biathlon Youth and Junior World Championships Team Trials this December, said the Cookies & Cream waffle reminds him of his favorite ice cream. “It’s a tasty training snack that fuels my workout,” he added.

Alexa Brabec, who is 16 and on the Women’s Nordic Combined National Team, cites a combination of sweet and salty. “It’s rich,” she said, “and it tastes like an Oreo but without any frosting.” Alexa knows she’ll eat these waffles after hard skate ski intervals.

Ann Battelle, former U.S. National Champion and World Cup Champion, four-time Olympian in Moguls, and Olympic Freestyle pioneer, is currently Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club’s Interim Freestyle Director and Coach of the U15, U17, and U19 Women’s Moguls Teams. Ann distributed Cookies & Cream waffles and diligently collected feedback. Her athletes noticed the waffle is “just sweet enough” and “sturdy so it doesn’t crumble.” She heard callouts like “Yum!” and “Quite delicious!” Ann caught a convert: “I never buy waffles, but I’d buy these,” and she found a follower: “This is my favorite waffle from Honey Stinger!”

Kid approved means uncontested flavor. But what about the nutrition and performance aspects? Cara Marrs, Registered Dietician, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified LEAP Therapist, and owner of Nutrition Prescription, Inc., verifies we can rest assured. “Honey Stinger waffles can be used by all athletes,” Cara says. “With ~160 calories and ~20g of carbohydrates per serving, they can be used as pre, during, and post snacks.”

The Cookies & Cream waffle is first-rate pre-workout fuel with easy to digest carbohydrates. You can feel good giving them to your children (and their friends who may be gluten sensitive or Celiac) on the way to volleyball practice or during a soccer game. For endurance focused athletes, the waffle offers a serving of carbohydrates that can bridge the gap before your next meal.

Cara has been in the health and wellness space long enough to see and understand behaviors and trends that negatively affect an athlete’s ability to perform over time. These include: under fueling; misinformation about carbohydrates; and fasting for too long. “Moderating and managing carbohydrate intake is needed in many situations,” Cara explains, “but carbohydrates fuel the body for activities.” Our society has created a culture of fear around certain foods and it can be extremely harmful.” The bottom line? Fuel your body to perform the best and go into workouts with energy on board.

During activities 90 minutes or longer, Cara urges us to eat and establish a fueling regime. She advises consuming calories in the form of carbohydrates so we can continue to execute. “Post workout, it’s crucial to replenish your body with the adequate protein sources to repair muscle fibers and replenish carbohydrate stores used during activity.” Protein needs vary based on the athlete’s size and age, but a Honey Stinger waffle topped with your favorite nut butter or a two-waffle-nut-butter-sandwich are fun options. Waffles are versatile—use them for immediate carbs when you exercise and for recovery when you complement them with ready-to-grab cheese sticks, jerky, or nuts.

“Food is delicious,” Cara reminds us. “It’s where we derive our energy, and it’s how we create wonderful memories around shared meals and experiences with friends and loved ones. Let’s enjoy!”


Cara Marrs has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2008 and has operated a thriving private practice for 14 years in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Cara earned her BS in Nutrition from Colorado State University before attending Central Michigan University for graduate school. In 2007, Cara completed her training and internship at the Mayo Clinic. In 2010, she became a certified LEAP therapist trained to work with food sensitivities, and she is currently finishing a Certificate of Training in Functional Medicine. Cara is a runner, skier, and yoga enthusiast who has been racing on the trails for over 25 years. She has been running ultras (50k to 100+ miles) for more than a decade.

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