Goal Setting: Getting Started

Start setting your goals with Honey Stinger

You hear it every year: new year, new you. This year, we’re here to help you set and meet your performance goals. Whether you plan to run a half marathon, start weight lifting, make time for yoga, focus on nutrition, or get faster on the bike. Regardless of your sport or activity, Honey Stinger can help fuel your mind (and body) along the way.

Identify who you want to be

A key concept in goal setting is identifying your future self. Think about who you want to be in three months, six months, or a year. Then break it down: what does that look like in the meantime? To be successful in becoming your future self, you need to have clear, compelling goals.

We tapped into the knowledge of Neely Spence Gracey (@neelysgracey), professional runner and coach and author of Breakthrough Women’s Running: Dream Big and Train Smart (get it here). Neely is as much a master goal setter for life as she is an elite runner.

Honey Stinger Athlete and Professional Runner, Neely Gracey

“One of the hardest parts about goal setting is right at the beginning when we don’t know exactly what our goals should be,” Neely explains. “What can be helpful at this stage is understanding what type of person you are.”

Some people respond to big, lofty goals. Others prefer their goals to be just out of reach. Some people thrive in structure and love following a laid-out plan. Others are more flexible and get excited about trying new things.

How to get started

We’ve developed a “Who Am I?” worksheet to help identify your personal motivations, interests, and passions and tap into them. Remember that there’s a goal, drive, or why behind everything you do.

This worksheet can also help you anticipate any potential challenges and consider ways to combat them. You’ll realize if you’re ready to go for something big, if you need more time or support and should go for something smaller, or if your mindset toolkit needs different or more strategies. 

“Make sure you’re focused on what you’re capable of and be realistic,” Neely advises. “Think about your emotional, psychological, and physical health as well as your time constraints, support system, and financial capacity.”

Fill out the goal setting worksheet, and after identifying your goals, you’ll use the completed “Who Am I?” worksheet to create specific outcome goals and process goals to change your shoulds into dos and turn your intentions into results.

Get Started Goal Setting with Honey Stinger

Download worksheet HERE.


About Neely

Neely has represented team USA five times including the IAAF World Cross Country Championships and the Pan American Games. In college, she was an 8x NCAA DII National Champion. Neely was the top American at the 2016 Boston Marathon and the 11th American female ever to break 70 minutes in the half marathon. Alongside her own goals, Neely helps coach other runners to reach theirs. She is a Lydiard level I & II Certified Coach and has worked with over 500 athletes through her business, Get Running. While Neely has achieved a lot of success, she didn’t achieve every goal she set. But over a decade later, after two successful pregnancies and founding a thriving business, Neely just ran a personal best time of 2:30 in the marathon and qualified for her fourth Olympic Trials.

Coach: Get Running Coaching

Author: Breakthrough Women's Running

Instagram: @neelysgracey