Home Workout to Strengthen Your Core

Hive Gold athlete, ultra runner, and running coach Anna Mae Flynn knows there’s more to running than putting in the “leg work.” Whether you run gnarly trails or prefer the consistency of pounding pavement, having a strong core and healthy stabilizing muscles makes a big difference in endurance, speed, and injury prevention. We caught up with Anna Mae to get a core workout she uses personally and with her clients to improve core strength and stability. You can do this exercise in the comfort of your own home, needing only a workout mat, carpet, or something soft to cushion your elbows. Anna Mae recommends doing this routine once a week, and now is the perfect time to start! Anna Mae says, “This is a great routine to work on the whole core, not just the rectus abdominal muscles. The goal is to be a more proficient trail runner and gain more stability while running trails.”
The Plank Challenge for Runners
Round 1
  • Lay in prone position to start, hold for 30 seconds
  • Rotate to a side holding position in lateral plank for 30 seconds
  • Turn to other side and repeat for 30 seconds
  • Rotate back to prone position, hold for 30 seconds
Repeat Round 1 3x for a total of 6 minutes Round 2
  • Finish with 4 minutes of Plank Up/Downs to fully feel the burn
  • Tip: If breaks are needed during this round, hold plank position
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