Honey Stinger Launches NIL Program to Support Collegiate Athletes

Plan includes nationwide athlete ambassador program, as well as a licensing deal with UNC

Honey Singer supports all athletes!

Honey Stinger is pleased to introduce its Hive College Ambassador Program, supporting student-athletes across the country in compliance with the NCAA’s recently updated name, image, and likeness (NIL) policies. The program will be accessible to student-athletes from any college or university through a new Hive Ambassador Portal.

“Honey Stinger has been anchored in college athletics for years, and today over 250 colleges, coaches, sports dietitians, and directors of strength and conditioning all trust and fuel their athletes with Honey Stinger nutrition,” said Mike Keown, CEO of Honey Stinger. “Our new Hive College Ambassador program makes our products even more accessible to collegiate athletes.”

The Hive Ambassador Portal will evaluate each applicant’s social performance, making it simple to deliver benefits such as cash rewards, product, and apparel discounts. Hive College Ambassadors will also gain access to performance tips from industry professionals and opportunities to engage with pro athletes from the Honey Stinger hive.

In addition to the ambassador program, Honey Stinger is also entering into its first-ever group licensing partnership with the University of North Carolina. Led by The Brandr Group, the agreement will deliver financial compensation to 10 Tar Heel student-athletes, focusing on equal representation of male and female influencers. This deal allows these select athletes to promote Honey Stinger while proudly representing their school.

“Honey Stinger is at the forefront of group rights programs in the NIL space for college student-athletes,” said Wesley Haynes, CEO of The Brandr Group. “The foresight of Honey Stinger’s leadership is remarkable as an early adapter and member of our group licensing deal with the University of North Carolina and with their focus on both male and female athletes.”