Meet Nordic Combined Skier Tara Geraghty-Moats

Hive athlete and USA Nordic Combined Team Member Tara Geraghty-Moats currently ranks as #2 in the world in Women's Nordic Combined, where athletes compete in both ski jumping and cross country skiing.  We caught up with Tara to learn about her passion for Nordic Combined, her love of gardening, and what drives her to compete.
Tara Geraghty-Moats
Where is home?
When I'm not on the road training or competing, my home is a small cabin in Vershire, Vermont.
How would you describe Nordic Combined to someone who didn't know what it was?
It's like eating oreos and milk together. Cross-country skiing and ski jumping are pretty awesome on their own, but when you put them together to make Nordic Combined, it is just so much better; like eating cookies with milk. Ski jumping is really thrilling and exciting, getting to fly through the air on a daily basis makes me feel like a supergirl. Cross country skiing is very satisfying and makes me feel healthy and strong and I love pushing my body to it's limits.
Why do you compete?
I love competing because I love that in a competition there is pressure to do something well, and that everything I do in a race or competition has a direct pay off. The adrenaline of putting a bib on and having something on the line is something I live for.
Greatest personal accomplishment in your sport?
9th place in a ski jumping World Cup. 18th place at World Championships. 2015, 2019 Overall FIS Continental Cup Women's Nordic Combined Champion.
Do you compete for a team or a sponsor?
I am on the USA Nordic Combined National Team and a proud member of the Honey Stinger Hive!
What does a typical training day routine look like for you?
When I'm on the road it's pretty simple. I jump in the morning and cross country ski in the afternoon most days. When I'm at home I work a lot, and have to find time to fit training in around that.
What does a typical race day routine look like for you?
Wake up, morning run, eat and go for it. Nordic Combined is an all day event, so it is really important to stay relaxed, and conserve mental and physical energy unless I have a bib on.
Favorite place or race you have ever trained or competed?
I'm blessed that I get to travel the world and ski in so many incredible places. Some of my favorites are Lillehammer, Norway; Ramsau, Austria; Seefeld, Austria and my home trails in Vermont.
Favorite non-sport related hobby/activity?
Gardening! I love flowers, and being outside working with my hands. I work at a farm when I'm home so I often bring plants home.
Place or event on your bucket list and why?
I would like to do more Sky Running Races, as well as from all the international Nordic Combined events for the next 10 years.
What are your goals for the future?
To help Women's Nordic Combined become an Olympic Sport and be in the running for an Olympic medal.
Who is a person or athlete that you look up to and why?
My Mom and my Grandma. They are both so strong and take adversity in stride.
Do you have any habits, routines, or superstitions?
No, but when I can I really enjoy getting up early and having the time to eat toast and drink tea under a cozy blanket on the couch before my day starts. It's my form of meditation.
How do you structure your training to compete in a multi-sport discipline?
I make a yearly and weekly plan and try to follow it. I think it is also really important to not get upset if I can't stick to a plan exactly.
Interesting or random fact about yourself?
I've competed internationally in all of the Nordic sports: Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, and Nordic Combined. Also, I've never eaten at a McDonald's.
What is your absolute favorite meal or food splurge?
I love sushi, venison, and local specialty from where I'm traveling. My guilty pleasure is Starbucks.
How do you structure your training to compete in a multi-sport discipline?
I make a yearly and weekly plan and try to follow it. I think it is also really important to not get upset if I can't stick to a plan exactly.
What are the challenges and rewards of competing in a multi-sport discipline?
In multi-sport disciplines there are a lot of things that have to come together to have everything go right. When everything does go perfectly it is incredibly rewarding!
Do you test your race day outfit and gear ahead of time?
I never make changes to equipment before the competition unless it is an emergency.
How do you use Honey Stinger during your training and racing?
I always keep Honey Stinger in my back pocket at competitions. It's really important for me to snack on high quality food all day during competition weekends. I love the waffles with a hot drink before I ski jump and the chews are nice because I can have them close to a high intensity session and not feel like I've eaten too soon before the workout.
Favorite Honey Stinger products and flavors?
The Honey Stinger Energy Chews are my favorite.
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