Spotlight: 3 Hive Athletes & Why They Train

This September will be different than anything we have experienced in the past.  A handful of races are in person, while many are now virtual.  Some of our nation’s students will go to in-person learning, while others will homeschool.  As summer changes to autumn, we encourage you to stay healthy and embrace these changes and challenges head on.
Michelle living out her "study, work, run" mindset in the hills of Southern California. Photo: Joshua Galang

Essential Worker

The pandemic has affected everyone in the world with challenges of varying magnitudes.  Michelle shares how running has helped her tackle these challenges.

How have you managed during these times?

I am an essential worker, working through the pandemic as a medical assistant. At the same time I’m studying for my MCAT in hope to apply to medical school this upcoming application cycle. In order to avoid an a toxic home environment, I have been house hopping between my three siblings to sleep and get through the night. Running keeps my mind busy. I’ve trained my mind to constantly stick to a schedule: “study, work, run.” To get through the weekends, I go to my job office and study there from sun up to sun down.

What would you tell another Hive athlete who is struggling right now?

Everyone has their story. This is mine. I know what it’s like to feel alone and lost. So how did I manage and figure it out? I went on a run, gathered my thoughts, and made a plan. Running has enabled me to be more than just an athlete, holistically, I have matured and grown as an individual.

Best piece of advice for achieving your goals?

My experience has taught me that there are some things in life that I can’t control but I can control how I respond. Focusing on my mental health has been the climax of my life and my experience has taught me how to better manage it.

Favorite Honey Stinger Product: Vanilla Waffles

Follow Michelle's journey: @_mbernal_

Kicking it on the track, Brian is focusing on speed going into September. Photo courtesy of Brian Reynolds

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Racing during a Pandemic

With no in-person races on his radar for the rest of 2020, Hive Gold athlete Brian Reynolds decided to make his own race to stay motivated. On September 11th, Brian is hoping to smash the WR in the double below the knee amputee category for the 5k. The time trial style race will take place at Don Bosco in Ramsey, NJ.

What inspired you to train for this time trial?

I have never tried to train for a 5k. I have always been focused on the half and full marathons. With everything canceled this year, I decided to push myself in the shorter distance. It has never been my strong area, so it has been fun working on a weakness. I plan on following it up with running the virtual Boston Marathon the following day.

How can The Hive cheer Brian on?

Follow his story on Instagram at @brianreynoldsrunner. We will feature his time trial in the Hive Facebook page on September 11th. You can also follow along here. Go Brian!

Favorite Honey Stinger product: It’s pretty much all good! For the short, fast stuff, I have been all about the strawberry kiwi gels. I eat the waffles all day long just because they are amazing. The dark chocolate snack bars are my favorite post workout/race treat.

Andrew and his youngest training partner, his 15-month old son, Bodhi. Photo courtesy of Andrew

Pounding the Pavement: Pram Edition

Meet Andrew. He is a father of two boys, and he is attempting to shatter the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Mile Pushing a Pram (stroller). The current record is 5 minutes flat.

Located in Greater Denver, Andrew and his wife find themselves running and riding with their kids to maintain healthy lifestyles and attempt to master the parenting juggle of “How do I continue to train without sacrificing time with the kids?” What better way to “race” and parent at the same time than going after a WR?

What would you say to other parents who struggle to find the time to both train and parent?

I would encourage parents to get out of the house with their kids and show them activities we like to do. My wife, Kira, and I are big runners and bikers so we will go on bike rides or runs with the kids to a park and have them play for a while then get back in the stroller or bike carrier and head back home. This way they can physically see us enjoying running or biking to show them that being active is important and also we let them play at a park or a splash pad half way through so they can enjoy their time out with Mom and Dad as well.

When to Watch: Honey Stinger will feature Andrew’s attempt in October on our social channels, including the Hive Facebook group. Until then, we send fast vibes to Andrew and his brood! Follow his training journey on Instagram @andrew.vos_tri.

Andrew aka Dad’s Favorite Honey Stinger product? Stingerita Lime PLUS+ Performance Chews.

Toddler’s favorite Honey Stinger product? Vanilla Waffles