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Introducing The Bracket

Honey WaffleVS

GAME 1: Honey Waffle vs Mini Honey Waffles

Tip-off Monday, March 21 @ 9am Mountain Time

Starting with the waffle flavor that started it all. The committee was harsh in pitting both Vanilla and Honey against their renegade sister products. While we expect the full-size Waffle to win in both instances, we can't help wonder if there's a Cinderella story in store for the Honey Mini Waffles.

Get education on the pedigree of our Honey Waffles here and Honey Mini Waffles here.


GAME 2: Vanilla Waffle vs Mini Vanilla Waffles

Tip-off Monday, March 21 @ Noon Mountain Time

Vanilla Waffles are an easy wining choice until they're pitted against each other in the first round... this match-up would certainly be a gut-wrenching one to watch, if these waffles weren't so dang gentle on our digestive tracts. That being said, we can't wait to catch the action on this one - we're still thinking the older, wiser, larger Waffle has the edge. We're happy to be wrong, though!

Get to know the Vanilla Waffle here and the Vanilla Mini here.

Honey Stinger Cookies & Cream WafflevsHoney Stinger Chocolate Waffle

GAME 3: Cookies & Cream vs Chocolate Waffle

Tip-off Tuesday, March 22 @ Noon Mountain Time

Does our latest flavor have it all? Chocolate and vanilla combo? Or will the Chocolate purists win out? Cookies & Cream certainly has the momentum, but we're not convinced that Chocolate can't pull something from its veteran playbook that'll unsettle the upstart. Either way, we expect this to go to the wire and we wouldn't be opposed to overtime in the first round... we give the waffle-thin edge in this game to Cookies & Cream.

Learn more about our Cookies & Cream Waffle here and our Chocolate Waffle here.



GAME 4: Salted Caramel vs Cinnamon Waffle

Tip-off Tuesday, March 22 @ Noon Mountain Time

Gluten-Free vs Gluten-Free in the first round? It certainly feels harsh that there could be 2 Gluten-Free teams eliminated in the first round, but it's the way the Waffle crumbles in the inaugural year of our Tourney. We expect Salted Caramel to roll, but we've seen what happens when Team Cinnamon's fans travel and make some noise!

Meet our Salted Caramel Waffle here and our Cinnamon Waffle here


Round 2: Starts on Wednesday!

GAME 5: Winner of Honey + Vanilla Waffle and Minis

Tip-off Wednesday, March 23 @ 9am Mountain Time

GAME 6: Winner of Cookies&Cream/Chocolate and Salted Caramel/Cinnamon Waffle

Tip-off Wednesday, March 23 @ Noon Mountain Time

GAME 7: FINAL - Winner of Games 5 & 6

Tip-off Thursday, March 24 @ 9am Mountain Time

Want to read the boring legal stuff? Check out the fine print on the Waffle Tourney and the Grand Prize Giveaway here.

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