Your 16 week Marathon Fueling Plan

Jared Ward, Marathon Runner, Honey Stinger advocate

Intended for athletes of all fitness backgrounds, our Marathon Training Pack was built to give you the right fuel at the right time during all stages of marathon training. We’ve got you covered as you Prepare, Perform and Recover from hard workouts. Here is a peek at how we designed our Marathon Training Pack – perfectly suited for a typical training plan with the right nutrition built in.

Leveraging expertise from professional athletes like Jared Ward (Marathon PR of 2:09:25) and endurance coaches like Rick Prince, we've put together an extensive Marathon Training Pack to fuel your training. Training for a marathon requires a nutrition program that will support you through a rigorous exercise regime. Elite-level athletes like Jared Ward may run over 120 miles a week to prepare for their 26.2 mile journey. Jared specifically relies on our Waffles and Nut + Seed Bars for before and after training and our Gold Gels when training at marathon pace.

Rick Prince, who founded United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy, knows that proper coaching is based on a solid understanding of the body and how inputs like nutrition work. He runs us through his main marathon training blocks, including when to experiment with your nutrition to find what truly works!

Weeks 1-6

Training: Low Intensity, Increasing Volume
Nutrition: Rapid Hydration and Energy Gel or Chew Experimentation

During the first weeks of training, your body is adapting aerobically to increased mileage.These weeks consist of fairly low intensity with increasing volume. To support your performance during these weeks, the Prepare, Perform and Recover Rapid Hydration Mixes will optimize your daily hydration and provide more sustained energy. At this point, we also recommend testing both chews and gels on runs to see what the body tolerates best – then stick with what works on runs of over 70 minutes.

Our Marathon Training Pack comes in a gel or chew specific option! Try them both.

Weeks 7-9

Training: Volume Build and Substantially Increased Intensity
Nutrition: Waffles, Caffeinated Gels or Chews, Protein Bars

With a high level of intensity, you need a system that will support you from start to finish. Continue with your Rapid Hydration routine, and add in gels and chews with caffeine to get through the high intensity workouts. Build up your energy with Waffles pre-workout and Protein Bars to help with recovery post-workout.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews for your marathon training needs

Weeks 10-13

Training: Peak Volume
Nutrition: Caffeinated Gels or Chews, Protein Bars

A few weeks before the race will be the peak of your training volume. Use caffeinated gels and chews mid-to-late run to increase performance toward the end of long runs. This is the perfect time to put a big focus on recovery with protein bars and waffles.

Courtney Dewalter with a Gold Energy Gel from Honey Stinger

Weeks 14-16

Training: Taper
Nutrition: Rapid Hydration, Protein Bars and Waffles

The final part of a standard program is a 2 to 3 week taper to replenish and rebuild before the big day! Your main focus should be on water, Rapid Hydration products and protein products to aid in recovery. The final few days before the race, ramp up on waffles and bars to ensure your glycogen levels are topped off and you’re ready to perform your best! You put in the work, we’ll support you through the journey.

Taper and rebuild with Honey Stinger Recovery Products before your Marathon

The Honey Stinger Marathon Pack contains 12 Honey Waffles, 12 Vanilla Waffles, 10 Strawberry Lemonade Rapid Hydration Mix, 10 Black Cherry Rapid Hydration Mix, 10 Berry Defense Rapid Hydration Mix, 12 Pink Lemonade Chews OR 24 Gold Energy Gels, 12 Almond Pumpkin Nut + Seed Bars, 12 Peanut Sunflower Nut + Seed Bars, 2 Stingerita Chews, and 2 Mango Melon Chews to help you get the most out of your training.

We’ll see you at the finish line. Learn more here.