Bike Rumor: Honey Stinger Reformulates Sports Drink & Pre-Workout


Honey Stinger has reformulated their Prepare and Perform drink mixes, improving and increasing the electrolyte contents to enhance hydration and performance.

The updated Prepare pre-exercise product comes in Lemon Lime and Strawberry Lemonade and gets a 3:1 blend of Sodium (270g) to Potassium (92g), with just 9g of carbs from organic honey and tapioca syrup solids, just enough to get you hydrated before a ride or use as a mid-day hydration aid.

The Perform sports drink mix uses the same carbs but bumps them to 18g and increases the electrolytes over the original formula to replace more of what’s lost in sweat. There’s 500mg sodium and 200mg potassium, plus a couple milligrams of calcium. It’s available in Black Cherry and Mango Melon, the latter of which adds 75mg caffeine, too.

 Also, if you haven’t tried their Nut & Seed bars yet, OMG, get some. Delicious, and packs 14g protein with plenty of healthy fats to satiate hunger, too. And they don’t have Quinoa on them like the original Oat & Honey bars, just in case you have a Quinoa allergy (it’s a thing).

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