Matador Network: I'm a Female Mountain Biker. Here's the Protective Gear and Clothing I Actually Use.

Mountain Biking with Honey Stinger's Nut + Seed Bars

Not sure if snacks count as hard goods, but as far as I’m concerned, an essential part of women’s mountain biking gear is women’s mountain biking snacks. I’ve been a Honey Stinger fan since I first tried their energy waffles, but the current favorite are their protein bars. They’re super filling and loaded with protein, which aids in energy (and muscle repair). If I drink a lot of water while I’m eating one, I’ll be full for hours. I recommend eating them after your climb (before your downhill) or in the parking lot immediately after you finish a ride.

Maybe more importantly, they’re so tasty — I definitely don’t think they taste like an energy stack. If you try one and like it, I’d recommend just buying a box to keep in your cabinet so you can have them handy for hiking and other outdoor adventures, too.

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