Well + Good: Chews, Goos, and Gels: Exactly What To Pack for Proper Fueling on Race Day

Well + Good's what to pack for proper fueling on race day featuring Honey Stinger Energy Chews

This may come as a surprise, but this is one time you probably don’t want to reach for “real” foods. “Real foods often do not have readily available sources of energy that you need during a race,” says Cunningham. You usually need to digest and absorb the nutrients in real foods before they can power you up, he explains, and their more complex nature can cause GI distress during a high-intensity race.

If you prefer a chew over a goo, Honey Stinger has some of the best-tasting options. (We’re partial to pink lemonade and cherry blossom.) Chews can come in handy to parcel out your fuel over time—rather than taking in 100 calories all at once, you can have just one chew, wait a few minutes, then have another. Or stick one in your cheek to slowly suck on.


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