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Whether you need to fuel your morning workout, or replenish your body post-exercise, we have delicious and portable options that just work. Shop all 6 flavors of bars for your Prepare and Recovery needs.

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Whether you prefer to carry chews or gels for quick, portable organic energy, Honey Stinger has you covered. Shop our 7 flavors of Energy Chews and 4 flavors of Energy Gels.

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Our hydration system features 2 delicious flavors - in a convenient 8-serving pouch. Our two performance blends are designed to help athletes maintain energy & electrolyte balance during exercise.

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Honey Stinger provides me the fuel I need before, during, and after exercise.

— Jared Ward, Elite Runner
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With sports nutrition for every ambition, Honey Stinger sweetens the burn to help you push through any challenge.

More than 1,000 pro and college teams, plus a generation of endurance athletes prepare, perform, and recover with Honey Stinger to help achieve their performance goals and feel better along the way.