Social Responsibility

At Honey Stinger, we’re all about you: active athletes who dream big, enjoy adventure, and appreciate the journey. You’re our community, and you’re the reason we give back.

How do we do it?

Athletic Sponsorships & Product Donations

Honey Stinger accepts sponsorship and product donation requests for athletes as well as sports teams and events. Successful applications align with our eligibility criteria. For consideration, applications should be submitted with a minimum 30-day lead time. If you’re requesting any kind of support from Honey Stinger, click here.

Social Change & Sustainability

Honey Stinger is committed to athletes and sports, and we celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’re hopeful about making meaningful and lasting change when it comes to stigma, stereotypes, and barriers. And because honey is our sweet spot and bees are our pollinators, we’re also committed to sustainability and climate action. Preserving the land that nourishes us is a priority.

In 2020, Honey Stinger created an internal Social Change Squad and an external Athlete Advisory Committee (AAC). The AAC is comprised of select athletes from across the country—they’re stakeholders and changemakers with firepower. The Social Change Squad and AAC work together to improve relationships, behaviors, and cultural norms over time. Because of the AAC, we’re able to support historically underrepresented and underprivileged groups across the US. The AAC helps us do and be better.

And as a perk, every team member at Honey Stinger can be paid to volunteer 16 hours a year and make an annual $250 in-kind product donation to an athletic cause or charity of choice.

Local Support & Philanthropy

Born in Steamboat, Honey Stinger takes pride in our hometown. Steamboat is an alpine mountain town where outdoor recreation and athletic pursuits define daily life. We fund scholarships for local youth to stay active, and we make annual donations to local nonprofits on Yampa Valley Gives Day.

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