Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 7
Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 7
Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 7
Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 7
Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 7
Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 7

Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 7


Need more caffeine? Push harder and go farther while trying each of our caffeinated product offerings.

Honey Stinger Strawberry Kiwi Gels contain 32mg of caffeine, Cherry Cola, Stingerita Lime Chews contain 50gm of caffeine and Mango Melon Sport Hydration Mix contains 75mg of caffeine. 

What it contains:

  • 1 Caffeinated Mango Melon Hydration Pouch (8 servings)
  • 2 Caffeinated Strawberry Kiwi Energy Gels
  • 2 Caffeinated Cherry Cola Chews
  • 2 Caffeinated Stingerita Lime Chews 

Try all our caffeinated options with this Sampler Pack.  

Caffeinated Sampler Pack of 7



More than 1,000 pro and college teams plus a generation of endurance athletes prepare, perform and recover with Honey Stinger to help achieve their performance goals and feel better along the way.

32-75mg Caffeine Options / Non-GMO / Gluten Free

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For that extra kick, our caffeinated chew, gel + hydration options will keep you fueled for any athletic pursuit. With up to 75 mg of naturally-sourced caffeine for quick energy and high levels of electrolytes to replenish minerals lost during sweat, you can rely on Honey Stinger to get you to the finish line.

For When You Need More

Honey Stinger's Caffeinated products support higher intensity and longer duration exercise with convenient chews, hydration and gels that contain caffeine and electrolytes. Caffeine supports heart rate during prolonged efforts, increasing blood flow and oxygenation through the body. The electrolyte mixture of sodium, potassium, and calcium replenishes electrolyte reserves to keep you hydrated during epic efforts.

When to Consume

Honey Stinger Caffeinated Chews, Sport Hydration and Energy Gels contain extra electrolytes and between 32-75mg of caffeine to help you push harder and go farther. When your activities call for more, caffeinated options help your mind and body prepare and perform at your peak. Honey provides energy, caffeine reduces perceived exertion, and electrolytes replenish what your body sweats out - which means you can give it your all for longer.

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For Every Stage of Your Workout


Sustained energy is released immediately and absorbed at a steady rate, which primes your muscles with fuel before a workout.


Balanced nutrition provides quick and continued energy that’s easy-to-consume so you can enjoy the taste and keep moving.


Protein helps to repair muscles and carbohydrates to replenish energy reserves, allowing your body to recover right.

Find the Right Fuel for Every Stage of Your Workout

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